I’m OFFICIALLY going to Nashville during the first week of June for CMA Fest! Requested the days off work and RSVP’d to Carrie Underwood’s fan club party. I’m also planning on seeing her at the Grand Ole Opry, going to the CMT Awards, and attending fan parties of Hunter Hayes and Striking Matches. And that’s not even the whole trip! So exciting to FINALLY be going to Music City, which is something that’s been on my bucket list forever. Big thanks to Tabitha for letting me tag along on her road trip and Lynsi for letting me crash at her place for my stay!

Hi you're perfect and I fangirled really hard when you reblogged my post okay bye I love you

LMAO! You’re awesome! And I’m far from perfect but thank you that’s very sweet :D


New photo shoot

Emotional FTLOM

You Think You Know Somebody released

Two tweets in one day from Hunter

Storyline coming out in two weeks


You Think You Know Somebody

This is my new HH favorite. Can’t wait to have the whole album.

I really really hope I get to do this. A week in Nash would be amazing. #carrieunderwood #countrymusic #nashville #fanclub

This is the OFFICIAL tracklist for my debut album! Pick it up in stores October 18!

Lol jk

These are the titles of all the songs I wrote over my Lent break 😊 #music #songwriting #countrymusic #lent



(And also passed 420K on Youtube!!)

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I started sobbing in this scene.

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Congratulations Shawty! We’re all so proud of you! Thank you for everything!

#Hayniacs Check out the congrats video I made in honor of this occasion! http://youtu.be/O7tx8a6Yq8w #hunterhayes #1million #twitter


doing a math question on a multiple choice test and getting an answer that isnt even listed as one of the choices


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Frozen Food

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Happy Easter all y’all big and small and short and tall but not to the hood rats and white trash cause homie don’t play that #Easter #eggs #dye #pearlescent