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Dragonite is so fucking ugly compared to Dragonair. I will never get over the fact such a beautiful Pokemon evolving into that goofy looking fatass.


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Nashville: Southern Comfort

Hey y’all! So I just now realized that I never made a long post about my trip to Nashville last month! For those of you who don’t know, I finally made it to Nashville for CMA Fest and it was seriously one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I first thought about seriously going when I got an invite for Carrie Underwood’s fan club party. I started to think about how I was gonna get there and where I was gonna stay while I was there. One of my friends, Lynsi, told me I could stay at her place ‘cause she’s just awesome like that and that was one of problems gone. At first, I thought I’d fly, but wasn’t a fan of that. Then, I had a friend I was gonna road trip with, but she had to end up cancelling. Train was out as well ‘cause there wasn’t one that was heading to Nash. Finally, I just decided to drive by myself in my little Cavalier. I got there and back and am now going to tell the tale.

I left on the 30th at around 9 p.m. After getting lost in Detroit, hitting a possum in Ohio, getting lost for the second time in Ohio, watching the sunrise in Kentucky, and almost having my car stall in Tennessee, I finally made it to my destination. It was about 9 a.m. in TN when I arrived at Lynsi’s apartment. I asked her if I was here and she said she didn’t see me. My first thought was to just fall asleep in my car right there and find her apartment later, but it turns out I was actually in the right spot. I never met Lynsi before so I could have been a murderer or she could’ve been a murderer, but it turns out neither of us are, so that’s peachy. We talked about some stuff and then she had to leave for work and I slept for like 10 hours on the most comfortable couch in North America. After, she got home and we went to Steak ‘n Shake and that was about all for the 31st.

The next day, I went out to lunch with a couple friends, Melissa and Abi. Lynsi suggested a place to eat called Burger Up and it’s literally the best restaurant ever. Quote me on that. We got there and I saw a door that didn’t really look like the entrance, so we kept walking and realized that that was the entrance, but we didn’t want to look like tourists, so we circled the block and came back through the door. I had a plain cheeseburger with some fries and it was sooooo good. They got this special ketchup. Yeah, you gotta try it. I also met Adriana and Amanda that day and then we went to the grocery store, so yeah big day.


The next day, Lynsi and I walked around downtown and just hung out for a bit. We went to Ivey Cake and I had a caramel pretzel and a mint chocolate cupcake. We also went to Pancake Pantry and that was great too. Then we went to Target and got some pool inflatables. After that, Lynsi and her pals went to Whiskey Jam, but I wasn’t 21 yet, so I went with some friends, Natalie and Kaitlin, to Burger Up…again. 


After camping out at the Opry all night, Lynsi and I went back to the apartment and changed for Carrie’s fan club party. After a little bit of drama, we got second row at the Opry for Carrie’s fan club party and yeah that was one of the greatest things ever. After that, Lynsi and I also saw both of the Opry shows that Carrie did that night. Terri Clark, Jennifer Nettles, Josh Turner, Charlie Worsham, Oakridge Boys, and Trace Adkins also played that show. 


The next day was the CMT Awards. I went with Natalie and Kaitlin and we managed to get right by the section where all of the artists sit. To make a long story short, I was literally maybe 10 feet away from Carrie Underwood, Alan Jackson, Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, and a lot of other stars. I also managed to take a selfie with Hunter Hayes, so yeah, that was pretty cool. 


Thursday was the most jam-packed day. I woke up at 6 a.m. to go with Adriana to Earnest Tubb’s Record Shop to buy Kellie Pickler’s vinyl record ‘cause the first 100 to buy it got a meet and greet with her later. After we bought the vinyls, we headed towards 12th + Porter for Jamie Lynn Spears’ party. I didn’t plan on going, but it actually was fun. She performed, we got pizza, and we got to meet her. After, we shot down to Music City Center to meet Cassadee Pope and then after that we went back to the record shop to meet Kellie. Adriana and I parted ways after that and I headed to 3rd + Lindsley for the Ashley Monroe/Striking Matches show. Since we were there so early, we also got meet and greets with Ashley and got front row for the show. I also discovered a new band called Muddy Magnolias and they rocked. We got to see Sarah and Justin…I mean, Striking Matches…perform and of course they killed it. While watching Ashley perform, I spotted Vince Gill and Hannah Blaylock from Edens Edge in the audience. After the show was over, Natalie had a gift she needed our help with and as we were finishing, Blake Shelton appeared right behind us and then went backstage. We talked to Sarah and Justin for a bit and then left. I ran into Hannah coming out of the venue and I was so happy to see her after two years of being apart.





Friday, was Hunter’s secret show and that was a jam fest. I finally met Sam and Mrs. Hayes. We also went to LP Field that night to see Carrie and Miranda rock “Somethin’ Bad”. 


Saturday, we went to a Celebrity Softball game and it was really nice to sit back and watch even though it was scorching. It stormed, so we decided to pass on LP that night. I also got to meet Ainsley that day.


Sunday, we were able to see Thomas Rhett, Lady Antebellum, and Hunter rock LP Field. I got to take a selfie with Sarah and Justin, too and it made my heart happy.


I stayed a couple days after that and Lynsi took me all around and we got to do a lot of things.

I’m really glad I got to experience this.

I’ll never forget it.

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I hate distance. You meet the best people and they are always far away.
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If you don’t know who any of these artists are now, I guarantee you will.

Striking Matches - With several songs featured on “Nashville”, these two have a very bright future ahead of them. The musicianship is remarkable and the songwriting ain’t too shabby neither 👌

Old Dominion - This group of guys have been writing hit songs in Nashville for years and they’re just getting started. I highly recommend the song “Day One”.

Allison Veltz - Her debut single, “Bright Side”, is now available on iTunes! She has a very soothing and beautiful voice with a kind heart as well.

Hannah Blaylock - She was originally the lead singer of Edens Edge, but is now focusing on a solo career. I’ve seen a few videos of her performing at various venues in Nashville, and I’m already excited for a solo project to be released.

Muddy Magnolias - I stumbled upon them this year at CMA Fest when they performed with Ashley Monroe. Their vocals are pristine and their songs are a good kind of infectious.

Daisy Mallory - I also came upon Daisy at CMA Fest this year thanks to some friends who turned me on to her and I was blown away. Her songwriting skills are impeccable and her voice is flawless. Pick up her new EP on July 11th!

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It’s funny how two people can feel so differently about a freezing cold pool 🌊🏊 #family #swimming #pool #summer