For those of y’all that don’t know, I have a friend that won 4 tickets to see Hunter Hayes play in Minneapolis, MN for an exclusive Road Trips & Guitar Picks/Country Financial livestream show! They had to drive from Illinois to Michigan to pick me up and then we drove to Minneapolis, so we were in the car for quite some time. We pulled up at the venue in the parking lot next to Hunter’s bus with our HH logo blazing on the back window. We waited in the bitter, arctic Minnesota cold for about 15 minutes before they started to let us into the venue. All of us got checked in and got our pre-signed lanyards and walked out towards the stage. It was a few minutes and then one of the official people came out and said to form a line at the back staircase for the meet and greet. So two of my people got separated from me and an older group of people (older meaning like in their 40’s and not really fully understanding why they had to be in front of me) were in front of us, separating one of my people and I from the other two. So me and my friend, Lucy, try to make our way past the large group in front of us, but by the time we rejoined with the others, their photo was already taken :( However, the reaction I got from Hunter was PRICELESS! He was so excited to see me and it’s such an awesome feeling! Not because he’s Grammy-nominated country star Hunter Hayes, but just because it’s Hunter, the regular person. And then Lucy showed him part of his Figure It Out episode until they told us we needed to be skidaddlin’ along. Which wound up turning into this:

We made our way toward the stage and were able to snag FRONT ROW! This was my first ever front row show for anyone and my first out of state show for anyone! It took about an hour and a half for everything to get ready and then him, Devo, and Sam took the stage and played for a little over an hour. The show was amazing! He played a song called “Better Than This”, which I had never heard before, but I can assure you that if his second album has songs like that on it, it will most definitely be successful. After the set was over he came by everyone in the front row and shook their hand. We were waiting by the stage for Devo and Sam, but the security guards told us that the venue was now closed and we had to go. After getting my jacket back from the closet, one of us noticed that Devo was actually at the bar. So Jade and I moseyed on over and started talking with him, which led to this:

There’s not really much more to tell! It was an awesome night and I’m so glad I got to experience it :)